Radiology – CT

What is this test?

Computed tomography (CT) is an imaging technique that has revolutionized medical imaging. It is widely available, fast, and provides a detailed view of the internal organs and structures. 

The two major types of CT are helical CT and conventional, axial, step-and-shoot CT. Helical CT is most prevalent, but conventional step-and-shoot, axial technique is used for high-resolution CT scanning of the lungs, coronary artery calcium scoring, and prospective ECG-triggered coronary CT angiography.

How will this test be scheduled?

Brandywine Hospital: Call central scheduling at Brandywine Hospital once you receive your order from our office to schedule your CT.  Their number is 610-383-8760.

Chester County Hospital: Call central scheduling at Chester County Hospital once you receive your order from our office to schedule your CT. Their number is 610-431-5131.

Special Instructions to Prepare for your Test?

None, unless otherwise specified by your physician.

Next Steps Following my Test.  When do I get my Result?

Your physician will review the results once completed with outpatient radiology at your respective hospital. If normal, your physician will review at your next appointment. If abnormal, your physician will instruct the staff on next steps for you and we will reach out to schedule an appointment or other pertinent testing.

Of course, should you have any questions regarding this test please phone the office at 610-383-6033

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