What is this test?

Evaluation of pulmonary function is important in many clinical situations, both when the patient has a history or symptoms suggestive of lung disease and when risk factors for lung disease are present, such as occupational exposure to agents with known lung toxicity.

The major types of pulmonary function tests (PFTs) are spirometry, spirometry before and after a bronchodilator, lung volumes, and quantitation of diffusing capacity for carbon monoxide.

How will this test be scheduled?

Brandywine Hospital: Call central scheduling at Brandywine Hospital once you receive your order from our office to schedule your PFT. Their number is 610-383-8760.

Chester County Hospital: Call central scheduling at Chester County Hospital once you receive your order from our office to schedule your PFT. Their number is 610-431-5131.

Special Instructions to Prepare for your Test?

In preparation for PFTs, bronchodialator medications are typically held so that bronchodilator response can be assessed after baseline spirometry. As examples, short-acting inhaled bronchodilators (i.e. albuterol, salbutamol, ipratorium) should not be used for four hours prior to testing. Long acting beta-agonist bronchodilators (i.e. salmeterol, formoterol) are typically held for 12 hours prior to testing. The ultra-long acting beta agonists (i.e. indacaterol, olodaterol, vilanterol) and the long-acting anticholinergic agents (i.e. glycopyrrolate, glcypyrronium, tiotropium, umeclidinium) are held for 24 hours. Aclidinium would be held for 12 hours, based on twice daily dosing.

Next Steps Following my Test.  When do I get my Result?

Your physician will review the results once completed with outpatient testing at your respective hospital. If normal, your physician will review at your next appointment. If abnormal, your physician will instruct the staff on next steps for you and we will reach out to schedule an appointment or other pertinent testing.

Of course, should you have any questions regarding this test please phone the office at 610-383-6033

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